Free The Children & Change Heroes


A touching update from our charitable partner Change Heroes and Free the Children

Kipsongol Keyna, the community that Sherlock + Associates has been matched to will now be receiving their fourth class room! In addition to the schoolhouses, Kipsongol also has an alternative income and livelihood program that helps several women’s groups. These groups work together to empower women and gives them with a sustainable opportunity to provide for their families.

At school, the students of Kipsongol also participate in health and sanitation workshops as well as an environment club. This allows them to extend their knowledge to way beyond just classrooms. In the environment club, students help keep their school tidy and maintain the trees and garden on school property. Kipsongol Primary School also includes nutrition programs where children will be given a healthy lunch of beans and maize everyday. This meal can go a long way when families are struggling to provide a nutritious diet in times of drought. It also encourages the children to keep attending school and be focused on learning.

We are excited to share some exciting updates on the school, but before we get into the goods of sharing about our school we've sponsored, I wanted to show you a cool map of all the communities in Kenya in which Free The Children supports.

A special hello from Change Heroes

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